Polska Liga Quidditcha

It's time to play some quidditch!

Polish Quidditch League is the organization governing the sport of quidditch in Poland.

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Proud of our national team

The best players in our league had trained very hard all year to become part of the national team. In Bamberg, Germany, Team Poland took part in IQA European Games 2019. Polish players fought against Turkey, Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Scotland, the Neatherlands and Catalonia. We had some wins and some losses, placing eleventh in Europe.

Soon we’re starting the preparations for IQA World Cup 2020 which will take place in Richmond, Virginia, USA.


In the season 2019 Polish teams meet three times:

  • Spring Games 16-17 March
  • Summer Games 28-29 September
  • Winter Games 23-24 November

More info on the league page.

Join a local team

If you are in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Lodz, Poznań or Katowice contact the closest team. You will find more info on teams page.

Become a referee

Every match needs referees and quidditch matches need many referees (there’s so much happening on the pitch). You can get international certification on IQA Referee Hub. To learn more about the rules see the rules page.


Summer games

On the last weekend of September we’ll have the second league meetup. 6 teams will play a round-robin. Localization: OSIR Wawrzkowizna. You’ll find more info on the event page on Facebook.

New website design

Our league is growing and with that came a need to have an organized place to keep the documents. It was also an oportunity to provide the website in two languages.